RM rescue suit

A dry suit that keeps the person alive


RES MARITIMAE is the Croatian startup company and it is behind the revolutionary innovation idea. After a long term study and many years of detailed research as well as testing of all kinds of materials, we developed the future of the rescue suit.

Behind our innovation lies Mr.Damir Marincel who has a long history of patented products. He is one of the top creative minds in coming up with products of all different kinds related to human survival. After years of reasearch and development, we are now ready to introduce the RM Rescue suit.

We are driven by our vision and goal to offer our RM rescue suit to all companies, people who need this and general public. We are happy to offer that especially to institutions who are in charge of human life’s.
Fields of application: river ships, seas, oceans, aircrafts, oil platforms, marines, bays, ports and camps.
The invention RM made by Mr.dipl.ing. Marincel, with the patent certificate, is a unique product of that sort in the world.


Damir Marincel
Damir Marincel

Inventor, Patent owner and company owner

The invention RM made by Mr.dipl.ing.Marincel, with the patent certificate, is an unique product of that kind in the world. He is in group of the top world inventors altruists who's goal is saving human and animal lives.

    Juraj Wagner
    Juraj Wagner

    Executive Manager and Consultant

    Top manager and consultant - lobbyst, all over the world with 30 years of experience, is leading and operatons executive of the project.

      Petra Marincel
      Petra Marincel

      Master of Science in Information Technology Management

      A competent, highly reliable, enthusiastic professional with excellent organizational abilities. Possess administrative and management experience gained working at the University of Applied

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